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It’s not as good as the old days but these new Lisa Frank mega sticker books are pretty swag.Β  They DO have some of the old art in them too, and plenty of rainbow hearts and stars!!Β  But also a lot of it is like, patriotic peace signs and Bratz wannabe chicks.

I like this sticker book review. And I agree there are too many Bratz doll weirdo stickers.

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    Needs more glitter golden retrievers
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    I like this sticker book review. And I agree there are too many Bratz doll weirdo stickers.
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  17. atcdblu said: Those disturbing human things are disappointing, but PENGUINS AND UNICORNS AND CANDY-COLOURED KITTENS?! Ahhh youth… it’s all coming back to me now.
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  19. rurouniidoru said: I wonder if there’s a market for vintage sets, and if so, how much they’d run you? I mean, there’s a whole submarket for vintage soda collectors, buying flavors of things they stopped making 30 years ago; at least old stickers are probably still good
  20. ms-ashri said: Hello childhood-